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Creating a Business Continuity Plan for Notaries [A Comprehensive Guide]

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Notary Business

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Does A Notary Need A Website?

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How You Can Make Your Notary Business Recession Proof [A Comprehensive Study]

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How To Save Money For Your Notary Business [Top 5 Ways]

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“Maximize Your Earnings and Efficiency with the CloseWise Partnership Program”

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How Can Notary Software Help You Tackle Delayed Closings & Keep Them On Track?

The time requires to complete real estate transactions has increased significantly in recent years. According to the Ellie Mae Origination Report 2021, the average time to purchase a property increased to 54 days in December 2021 compared to 44 days … Read More

How Implementing Automation Can Help Notaries/Signing Companies Win More Business?

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How To Market Your Notary Signing Agent Business [9 Best Tips]

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9 Sure Fire Ways To Find More Customers For Your Notary Business

A notary is an independent individual who swears to uphold the lawful oaths of a specific state or jurisdiction.  Notaries operate under laws that vary from state to state.  Notaries are self-employed individuals who must run their own business to … Read More