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Manage your document
signing business with ease.

Made by and for signing companies and signing agents, our mobile notary software helps you save time and money by streamlining your document signing workflow into the new age of technology.

Notary Database And Scheduling Platform
Change The Way You think of document signing

Increase workflow cohesion with automation and organization.

No more back-and-forth emails and calls.

Solve Time Consuming Processes

Scheduling, tracking, and organizing clients for document signings can be time consuming and disruptive to your business growth. But with our advanced notary database and scheduling platform, you can streamline your processes & workflow for maximum efficiency.

Manage Your Business and Update Clients

Our intuitive notary business software allows you to schedule and tracks the process of a document signing in minutes, saving you time, energy and money while giving you an organized system to manage your business and update your clients every step of the way.

We Have Redefined The Signing Services Industry

Learn the powerful CloseWise online notary scheduling software for the signing industry can help solve your problems with our online software solution.

Notary Accounting and Management software
Business Ecosystem At Your Fingertips

Features to Grow Your Business Smoothly

Impress your clients with a revolutionary way of working for both signing agents, signing service companies, and title service providers.

A Multifaceted Solution for Your Signing Business

A robust payments platform, built with intelligence

Smart Dashboard

  • Easy call & confirm features.
  • 3 Step Updates.
  • Upload orders reducing manual entry tasks, creating time savings to your workflow.


  • Time saving order management and automation tools.
  • Automation tools for instant updates.
  • Agent availability and rating systems.
  • Calendar sync with Google.
  • Contract bidding and acceptance with minimal effort.


  • Quick reports to analyze the growth of your business at a glance.
  • Monitor your business Statistics to see your growth, progress, and preferred clients.
  • Status Reports records of all scheduled signings.

Payment Processing

  • Agent Payroll & approval automation.
  • Receive payments directly through CloseWise by linking your accounts.
  • Payroll made easy and trackable to minimize discrepancies.


  • Manage your business finances with a streamlined process all in one place. Expenses, income management and more.
  • Generate invoices for download or send direct from your CloseWise account.
  • Monitor your income by process check payments or marking orders as paid.
  • Upload and track business expenses and receipts on the go.

Closing File Details

  • Quick updates and closing log time from time of scheduling to closing.
  • Client bookings and details on each closing.
  • Features that enable everything you need to see each step of your business process.

Previously, I used another notary tool, but changed to CloseWise. CloseWise removed timely data entry and helped me organize on the go! Because of the time I save now they’ve helped my business grow with less effort keeping on top of it. I could not do my job without CloseWise!

CloseWise Customer

Ready to simply your document signing process?

notary business software
Real-Time Notifications

Personal Assistant

Let us help! You have enough to keep track of in your day to day. CloseWise notifications keep you ahead of the job with minimal effort. More cost effective than any office employee, our simple click update ability minimizes the time it takes to update your clients making you look more professional and giving your client peace of mind. Without saying this will likely increase your chance at repeat business.

Save Time. Work Smarter.
Grow Your Business.

Impress your clients with a revolutionary way of working for both signing agents, signing service companies, and title service providers.

Built for Signing
Agents Services

Save Time. Work Smarter. Grow Your Business.
CloseWise, a mobile notary software, was built by and for signing agents and services alike to not only to increase your productivity, but to give all parties peace of mind.

After two decades of industry experience, we eventually found expensive technology that made processes easier. However, we were still left with hours of work at the end of the day to make sure everything was finished and prepared for the next.
Manual entry and the need for several platforms caused us to seek something better and more cost efficient.

Notary & Attorney Signing Agents

As Notary and attorney signing agents, we wanted a simple way to focus on keeping our closings up to date and orderly for our clients during the day while not having to track our accounting and business reports at night. Experience CloseWise, a signing agent software, for attorneys and notaries, today with free access to revolutionize the way you manage your business.

Signing Company Owners

As the owners of signing companies, we wanted a platform for signing service companies that could automate the scheduling process, accounting, reports, and cohesion between valued clients and signing agents while being able to focus on the quality of our business... not to mention the quality of life. Title and Escrow Companies have specific needs for software implementation. CloseWise can offer a custom solution.


People ♥ Closewise

Our notary tool s built to be super-charged, scalable, and extremely intuitive. That makes it an affordable solution for your business to grow.

“We are very pleased with our switch to CloseWise. Over the past 12 years, I’ve used many other software platforms for scheduling or keeping up with accounting, and I can say CloseWise is the most user-friendly software yet. I swear by CloseWise and so does my team. They love it!”
Jake Warren
Signing Company
"I have found the perfect app ... It's a combination of the simple calendar layout + the surprising amount of simple yet useful functionality (receiving orders, adding signings, updating clients, being able to easily input or drag and drop, track my payments). Thank you CloseWise!”
Kim Smith
Escrow Incorporated

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