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Discover a powerful scheduling and business management tool for notaries, signing services, and title & escrow companies. Save thousands while experiencing high-end features to automate and streamline your signing workflow, through the new age of technology.

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A Platform Built For Connecting Signing Industry Seamlessly

CloseWise seamlessly connects signing professionals to hiring companies, fostering a collaborative workspace that drives efficiency and innovation.

Notary Signing Agents

Enhance your notary business growth and close more signings with our comprehensive notary signing agent software. Consolidate order management, website upkeep, marketing, accounting, and analytics into one seamless platform, guaranteeing increased profit margins year after year.

Signing Services

Enhance your clients' signing experience while efficiently managing your business operations with Closewise's intuitive platform. Seamlessly connect with certified notary signing agents, and utilize our comprehensive business management tools to accelerate and expand your signing service business.

Title & Escrow

Achieve unmatched efficiency with Closewise's comprehensive title company software, delivering unmatched cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Maximize efficiency and visibility around the critical closing phase of your orders while seamlessly managing complex signing processes.

Why CloseWise Leads in Notary Scheduling & Business Management.

  • With Closewise you can consolidate a full scale Notary business in one system while being available in the Closewise marketplace, Co-Op with your network, and get listed in the directory! An unparalleled value guaranteed to increase your earnings year over year. 

The Signing Services dedication to bringing value to clients is commendable, and Closewise empowers signing services by automating daily tasks while increasing revenue. We’ve merged signing service automations with scalable business management features, enabling continuous growth and innovative value.

Experience the seamless integration of automated notary scheduling and payments, coupled with a system that meticulously monitors the crucial closing phases of your orders. CloseWise technology adeptly manages time-consuming processes, empowering your team to concentrate on productivity and fostering growth.

CloseWise implements cost effective Artificial Intelligence solutions that can not only help with order intake, but aims to help with support for companies and notaries at the signing table.  


Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Compelling Features.

Smart Dashboard

  • Easy call & confirm features.
  • 3 Step Updates.
  • Upload orders reducing manual entry tasks, creating time savings to your workflow.


  • Time saving order management and automation tools.
  • Automation tools for instant updates.
  • Agent availability and rating systems.
  • Calendar sync with Google.
  • Contract bidding and acceptance with minimal effort.


  • Quick reports to analyze the growth of your business at a glance.
  • Monitor your business Statistics to see your growth, progress, and preferred clients.
  • Status Reports records of all scheduled signings.

Payment Processing

  • Agent Payroll & approval automation.
  • Receive payments directly through CloseWise by linking your accounts.
  • Payroll made easy and trackable to minimize discrepancies.


  • Manage your business finances with a streamlined process all in one place. Expenses, income management and more.
  • Generate invoices for download or send direct from your CloseWise account.
  • Monitor your income by process check payments or marking orders as paid.
  • Upload and track business expenses and receipts on the go.

Closing File Details

  • Quick updates and closing log time from time of scheduling to closing.
  • Client bookings and details on each closing.
  • Features that enable everything you need to see each step of your business process.

Previously, I used another notary tool, but changed to CloseWise. CloseWise removed timely data entry and helped me organize on the go! Because of the time I save now they’ve helped my business grow with less effort keeping on top of it. I could not do my job without CloseWise!

CloseWise Customer

Ready to simply your document signing process?

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Beyond Technology

We Help You Expand Your Venture

Our unique value in the notary signing industry lies in our commitment to go beyond technology. We blend tech, expertise, and support to keep your business at the forefront. Our team aims to assist in providing technology solutions directly based on your needs. This includes support and essential business guidance, empowering you to excel in the competitive notary, signing service, and loan closing arena.

Embrace The Benefits Of Using Closewise

Increase Earnings Per Closing

Not only do we make your workflow fast and efficient - we also decrease your cost without sacrificing quality.


With Closewise, signing agents and businesses can effortlessly enhance their capacity to grow their ventures at full throttle. CloseWise is not just another signing platform; it is your assistant in expanding without constraints to achieve new heights.

Increased Productivity

With our notary scheduling and business management tool, you can significantly improve your productivity through smart appointment scheduling, a faster signing process, and accurate closings.

Better Client Engagement & Retention

Closewise delivers an improved management information system, flawless signing workflow, and an efficient signing process to ensure a better customer experience, resulting in better customer retention and repeat business.

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

From a wide range of analytical reports to statistical summaries and data-driven business insights, Closewise helps notary signing services and businesses make informed business decisions.

High Level Of Security

Fortify your critical financial information, client details, and confidential business insights from any kind of threats with Closewise's efficient encryption, secured payment gateway, and security protocols, and feel safe throughout your closing process.


People ♥ Closewise

Our notary tool s built to be super-charged, scalable, and extremely intuitive. That makes it an affordable solution for your business to grow.

“We are very pleased with our switch to CloseWise. Over the past 12 years, I’ve used many other software platforms for scheduling or keeping up with accounting, and I can say CloseWise is the most user-friendly software yet. I swear by CloseWise and so does my team. They love it!”
Jake Warren
Signing Company
"I have found the perfect app ... It's a combination of the simple calendar layout + the surprising amount of simple yet useful functionality (receiving orders, adding signings, updating clients, being able to easily input or drag and drop, track my payments). Thank you CloseWise!”
Kim Smith
Escrow Incorporated

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