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Frequently Asked Questions

CloseWise takes the matter of data security, data privacy, and the protection of confidential and sensitive financial information very seriously. As a leading notary scheduling and business management platform, it deploys industry-standard security measures, encryption, and security protocols to safeguard sensitive and confidential financial information. CloseWise, do not share any pricing information or client information under any circumstances.

Yes, you can use CloseWise notary app to manage loan signings you received from other signing platforms. Our AI-powered features allow you to upload bulk signing details and information in our platform you receive from other platforms. All you need to do is import the signing orders from your previous platform and create PDF file for uploading. Upon uploading, all information will be filled out automatically.

CloseWise offers high-end White Labeling services to notaries and signing services that allow them to customize CloseWise’s platform with their branding. It means you can use CloseWise’s powerful features under your brand name and provide your customers with quality signing solutions. We design our White Labeling services to give your business a competitive edge and enhance your brand presence.

As of now, CloseWise does not have a mobile app; only our software application is available to notary signing agents, signing services, and Title and escrow companies. However, the platform is planning to launch its dedicated mobile application very soon to make our services and solutions available on smartphones. 

CloseWise notary scheduling and business management platform is designed to serve everyone in the notary signing industry.The primary focus of this platform is to streamline notary operations and connects notaries with signing services. Signing services can use CloseWise to find qualified and skilled notaries available to work; at the same time, notaries can use this platform to get more signing orders.

CloseWise offers a diverse range of pricing plans for signing agents, signing services, and Title companies. For signing agents, we have the starter, Pro-Promo, and CloseWise Promo plans. For signing services we have options like Pay as You Grow, the Professional plan, Advanced plan, and enterprise plan. For Title and escrow companies, we meet their specific needs by providing them with customized solutions. To explore our offerings in more detail, visit our pricing page at

CloseWise notary scheduling and business management platform can help you organize and optimize your notary business. The platform offers cutting-edge features like automatic appointment management, scheduling, workflow automation, communication tools, mileage logs, real-time notifications, data insights, and many other features that help notary signing agents project a professional image of their notary business to their clients and partners.

For signing agents, CloseWise offers 3 service packages, including the Starter package, which is free for all signing agents; the Pro+Promo plan at $15 per month; and the CloseWise Pro plan, which is free with the Pro plan. These plans allow notary signing agents to get unlimited signing orders, schedule overviews, downloadable schedules, automatic order accounting lists, payment processing checking, automated mileage logs, activity logs, and many other features.

Using CloseWise can help you build and grow your notary business in many ways. CloseWise offers a wide range of advanced features and tools, starting from automatic appointment scheduling, document management, and real-time updates to accounting, payment processing, and reporting to simplify and optimize your notary business operations. In addition, it automates your signing workflow to get and close more orders in less time.

CloseWise has a team of experienced notary specialists and marketing professionals who will provide effective marketing consultation to develop tailored strategies and insights that will attract more clients and boost your order numbers. In addition, the platform has an extensive network of signing services, law firms, and Title & escrow companies, from which you will be able to get more signing orders. 

CloseWise has an intuitive and highly responsive interface designed to be user-friendly, engaging, and flexible. Even if the CloseWise notary scheduling platform is feature-rich, rich notary agents will find this application easy to use. Furthermore, the platform is quite open to feedback and suggestions from its users to make further improvements.

Yes, with CloseWise, you can analyze the performance of your notary business through the top-notch reporting feature of CloseWise. It empowers you with comprehensive status reports, revealing valuable insights into your closing contracts. It has intuitive graph analytics that can help you analyze your business performance by status and client, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or for any specific date range.

CloseWise is sincere about protecting the sensitive data and information of the notary signing agents. For CloseWise, the safety and security of user’s information is paramount. The platform is equipped with robust data encryption and features like access control, user authentication, and security protocols. It is a completely secure platform for notaries.

Depending on your specific needs, CloseWise may offer integration capabilities or provide API access to enable integration with other software or systems used in your signing service’s workflow. Integration options can be explored to enhance efficiency further.

CloseWise empowers notary signing agents to track their social media performance seamlessly through our CRM campaign manager. With this innovative tool, you can create, schedule, and track your social media posts across multiple platforms from one centralized dashboard.

We have very simple steps that notaries can take to start using CloseWise notary scheduling platform right away. Check them out:

  • Go to our website and register
  • Create your account & get it verified
  • Post jobs & search for available  Signing Services
  • You are all set to use our platform.

The main difference between CloseWise Pro and CloseWise Pro+ lies in the pricing plans and the features they unlock. CloseWise Pro is available at $10 per month or $100 per year. This plan is designed to provide essential features for notary signing agents, including appointment management, document handling, and communication tools. It’s an excellent choice for those who need the core functionalities to streamline their notary business. CloseWise Pro+, on the other hand, is available at $47 per month or $470 per year. Choosing the Pro+ plan unlocks the latest and most advanced features offered by CloseWise.

CloseWise plays a pivotal role in ensuring the best signing experience for your clients by streamlining and optimizing the entire notary signing process. With the CloseWise signing service platform, you can efficiently schedule appointments, manage documents, and collaborate with your clients regarding their working status. Real-time updates, accounting, and reporting features will keep your clients updated about their work and help you satisfy them.

CloseWise scheduling and business management platform is designed to bridge the gap between signing services and qualified notary signing agents. The platform can significantly support the signing services in finding more qualified and skilled notary signing agents for their signing services. It offers a comprehensive database of trained notary signing agents available to work around the clock. You can search notaries based on their location, availability, qualifications, experience, etc. 

CloseWise notary scheduling software allows signing services to automate many repetitive tasks associated with the signing and closing process. These tasks are time-consuming and require additional human resources to perform them. CloseWise provides notaries with signing workflow automation that can accomplish these repetitive administrative tasks in seconds. Your team can finally be free to focus on their core objective, which is to grow your notary business.

CloseWise notary scheduling and business management platform offer a powerful communication tool equipped with easy call-and-confirm features and messaging and notifications to facilitate seamless collaboration with notary signing agents, clients, and other vendors. In addition, CloseWise simplifies the agent payroll process by incorporating agent payroll and approval automation, ensuring maximum transactional transparency and minimum discrepancies.

Yes, it can. With CloseWise‘s signing service platform, you get the perfect opportunity to customize its features to align with your specific workflow and signing process. Our highly customizable platform allows you to incorporate our features to your unique business needs and workspace requirements. 

CloseWise offers 4 types of pricing plans for signing services including Pay as You Grow, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise. Pricing plans are designed to match the scale of your signing services. Enterprise pricing is available upon request for specialized signing services.

CloseWise notary scheduling and accounting software provide signing services with valuable data insights, accounting, reporting, and data analytics tools that help them track daily business operations. In addition, it allows them to monitor daily transactions, track receipts, and make data-driven decisions in less time. Advanced automation can help signing services automate repetitive tasks and record everything digitally without any manual entry. 

These services include customizable software implementation, white-labeling options, and personalized solutions to streamline the operations of Title & escrow businesses. In addition, the CloseWise signing platform provides title and escrow companies with an extensive network of notaries and signing services, which allow them to assign and close more orders seamlessly.

Here at CloseWise, we design our signing solutions to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and operational transparency of title and escrow companies. Our cutting-edge features comprise order management, document handling, signing automation, accounting, and reporting to streamline their operations and give them the competitive edge to close more orders than others.

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