5 Tips For Finding More Notary Jobs On CloseWise

Are you a notary public looking to expand your clientele and find more notary jobs? Look no further than CloseWise, the innovative platform connecting notaries with individuals and businesses needing their services. CloseWise opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to tap into a vast network of potential clients and boost your notary business. However, with such a competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to have a strategic approach to stand out from the crowd.

In this blog post, we will share five valuable tips to help you maximize your presence on CloseWise and increase your chances of finding more notary jobs. Whether you’re a seasoned notary or just starting, these insights will empower you to navigate the CloseWise platform effectively, showcase your expertise, and secure more opportunities for your notary services. Let’s dive in and unlock the potential that CloseWise holds for your notary business success!

5 Killer Tips To Find More Notary Jobs On CloseWise

#Tip1: Optimize Your Working Hours & Streamline your Availability for increased job opportunities

When creating your professional profile on CloseWise, ensure you accurately input your working hours. It allows signing services to send bidding requests during the time slots when you are available. By aligning your availability with the demand, you can optimize your working hours, efficiently handle more orders, and increase your chances of closing deals successfully.

#Tip2: Unlock Premium Exposure with CloseWise Pro and Promo To Receive Faster Orders

Consider availing of CloseWise’s premium subscriptions, such as CloseWise Pro and Promo. These subscriptions provide you with greater visibility on the platform, placing you above other notaries in search results when signing services are looking for available agents. With enhanced exposure, you’ll receive more job offers, allowing you to close deals swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, premium subscriptions offer the advantage of unlimited manual entries, giving you even more opportunities to secure notary jobs.

#Tip3: Stay Alert with Real-Time Notifications For Seamless Job Management

Keep your notification alerts turned on within the CloseWise platform. CloseWise offers real-time notifications, allowing you to customize the types of notifications and reminders you wish to receive. You’ll receive push notifications and email alerts promptly for new appointments, meetings, and incoming orders by staying informed. This responsiveness demonstrates your professionalism and ensures you don’t miss any potential job opportunities.

#Tip4: Prioritize Quick Response and Secure Excellent Ratings From Clients

When you receive bidding requests or client messages on CloseWise, aim to respond promptly. Quick responses show your commitment and reliability, capturing the attention of potential clients. Moreover, after successfully completing a notary job, encourage your clients to leave reviews and ratings on CloseWise. Positive feedback and higher ratings not only enhance your professional reputation but also increase your visibility, attracting more signing services and securing a steady stream of notary jobs.

#Tip5: Highlight Your Linguistic Proficiency And Widen Your Market Reach

When creating your CloseWise profile, emphasize your proficiency in multiple languages. Fluency in languages such as Chinese or Mandarin, can be a valuable asset, attracting clients who require notary services in those languages. Additionally, mention the number of states you are willing to receive orders from, showcasing your flexibility and willingness to expand your working area. By demonstrating a diverse skill set and a broader reach, you position yourself as a versatile notary capable of catering to a wider range of clients’ needs.

By following these five killer tips, leveraging the features and functionalities of CloseWise, and showcasing your expertise effectively, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing more notary jobs on this powerful platform.  

Why Should You Consider CloseWise For Your Notary Job?

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Final Words

CloseWise is revolutionizing the way mobile notaries connect with signing services. It offers a seamless platform that maximizes job opportunities and propels your notary business forward. By following the killer tips shared in this blog, optimizing your working hours, leveraging premium subscriptions, staying alert with real-time notifications, prioritizing quick responses and maintaining excellent ratings, and showcasing your language skills and expanded working area, you’ll be well-equipped to secure more notary jobs on CloseWise. Embrace the power of this innovative platform, and unlock a future filled with growth, success, and endless possibilities in the notary industry. Join CloseWise today and take your notary career to new heights!