How To Market Your Notary Signing Agent Business [9 Best Tips]

The notary signing business is considered one of the most attractive and noble professions. The profession is not only rewarding but also has social affluence across the communities. However, to achieve the desired success as a notary public or signing agent, you must boost both your online and offline presence to stand out.

Like many businesses and industries, notaries also operate in the competitive world. The Digital revolution has brought many options and advantages for notaries to grow their business by acquiring more clients. Digital marketing tools like PPC, social media marketing, SEO, online notary tools, and signing business platforms have completely revolutionized the spectrum. 

You can effectively promote and market your notary signing agent business by following the expert marketing tips listed below. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Best Ways to Advertise Your Notary Business

1: Use CloseWise Notary Tool To Promote and Make Your Business Digitally Cognizant:

Notary tools are one of the most effective ways to manifest your notary business in front of signing companies while winning more jobs. Signing agent software from CloseWise is one such effective tool for notaries to get noticed by signing services. With the help of this digital application, notaries can make a smart profile and show their experience and expertise to signing companies which will help them to bag more signing orders.

In addition, CloseWise has many other features that can make your notary business completely paperless. Let's take a look at some of the most exciting features of this software and understand each feature in detail.

A Smart Dashboard To Manage Everything On Your Fingertips: The software is equipped with a smart dashboard that is specially designed to keep user-friendliness in the account. It can be operated on any device and can be managed from anywhere.

Manage Finance More Efficiently With Smart Accounting Feature: Accounting plays a critical role in understanding the financial position of your notary firm. One of the most significant benefits of using Closewise is that it is an all-in-one accounting application for notaries. You can track your business expenses with ease and generate accurate profit & loss reports accurately.

Enjoy Fast Payment Processing While Maintaining Transparency: With CloseWise, you will be able to receive fast payments while automating the agent payroll process & approval. You can link your account and track your payments for establishing a transparent image of your business. The payment processing feature of the software will keep your income statement updated and provide you with an opportunity to enhance your brand image.

Smart Scheduling: Order management and smooth document signing workflow ensure the grand success of any notary business. Closewise notary software is equipped with a smart scheduling feature that offers all information on orders, appointments, and future meetings at your fingertips. With its help, you will also be able to upload orders automatically and change their status with less effort.

Top-Notch Notification Feature And Reporting Tool To Make Your Business Efficient: The notification feature helps you set timely reminders of your upcoming appointment, on the completion of signing orders, and after payment. The reporting tool will help you analyze your business performance and provide you with valuable insights to take decisions. It is equipped with a mileage tracking facility that can efficiently calculate the round-trip distance for that appointment location.

2: Get Listed In Local Business Directories:

You will have to list your business both in offline and online business directories. Some of your customers may still wish to search for your business in popular business directories and listing platforms.

You will have to create a business page that showcases your skills and can get customers for notary business with you. But the main catch here is that your background screening and certification as an NSA is a must. Your business page should get customers for notary business looking at your skills and the number of customers you have serviced also helps.

3: Create A Website To Market Your Notary Signing Agent Business

A website is the digital face of your business/company on the internet. So by having a website one can easily market and advertise their special notary signing agent business offerings across the nation. You don’t have to jazz up your website but rather should keep it simple and should look pleasant.

You can display your area of expertise, service fees, contact number, physical address, email address, social media links, etc. 

4: Do PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also one of the effective ways through which you can market your notary business. However, you need to have a website for the same and pay if someone clicks on the ad. You can place ads on any of the high-ranking search engine online platforms.

You also need to identify and insert suitable keywords in your ad to target prospective customers looking for your business. Now, as the digital revolution is happening you can also place ads on other websites. In addition, you will have to monitor your ad spending and place a call-to-action link to get the desired result.

5: Create Social Media Presence

Social Media is one of the strongest platforms today to promote your notary business. With millions of people hooked on different social media platforms, you must have a social media presence that stands out from the rest. 

You must have your accounts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Instagram, etc to target the maximum audience active on these platforms. You need to create engaging and attractive content consistently on these platforms to boost your engagement. Nowadays, social media marketing and social media brand promotion play a vital role in acquiring new orders for your notary business. 

The content in the post should be more about customers and not much about you. It should show how you can help them concocted with your services. You have to set a goal in the posts created to find your ideal client to whom you can pitch your service and increase bookings.

What Next? Never forget to key in CTA (Call to Action) as your post will go waste. You will have to give your phone numbers, email addresses, and website address if any in the post through which your potential customer can contact you.

You have to be polite and positive while replying to potential customers on social media platforms. There will be lots of people who will be watching and one impolite post or comment can ruin it all.

6: Google My Business Profile

We all know that when we don’t physically find any services nearby then we Google it. So you need to list your business and its address with the right location map, phone number, and email address.

My business profile is one of the best features offered by Google. Once you fill this page it helps you in a big way. Even if you don’t have a website all your details will be displayed when a prospective customer searches for notary agents.  Your physical address will be displayed along with your contact details on the listings.

Google Ads is also a good medium to market your notary signing agent business. There are different types of ads that you can place on Google that can help you to advertise your notary business. The algorithm of Google will pull up your ad when anybody in the near locale is searching for notary signing agents.

7: Don’t Leave The Traditional Marketing Ways

Advertisements come in various formats like audio (podcasts), visual (TVs) and print (newspapers, yellow pages, phone directories, magazines, etc). Traditional marketing and advertising are still relevant today to enhance your business.

You can place a print ad in business classifieds sections or even record audio and place the ad on various Radio or FM platforms. This will help you reach out to that segment of customers who are not active on the internet.

8: Word Of Mouth

You know how the grapevine factor works and this has been labeled as “Word of Mouth” advertising. This form of marketing is useful for both offline and online ways of promoting your notary signing agent business.

When you complete a client’s project you can ask them to put a word to their family, friends, and business circle regarding your notary signing business. This will lead to offline promotion and there are very high chances of getting more clients thus increasing your revenue. 

If you own a website then you can add the testimonials page where you can display what your customers are raving about your business, work efficiency, and accolades.

9: Grow Your Notary Network

Creating or joining a group of notary agent professionals from various vicinities also helps in boosting your business. There are many means through which you can grow your network by calling out professionals through email, social media, or by attending notary gatherings, etc.

Networking helps market your notary signing business, as the saying goes “The more the Better”. The more people you connect with, the more prospects you can get. How does this help? Once you are engaged with a customer and don’t have time for another potential customer you can delegate it to another certified notary agent and vice versa thus boosting the goodwill factor.


The digital revolution can help you take off your notary business. CloseWise is one of the leading signing platforms suitable for notaries, signing agents, and companies. CloseWise helps in connecting you with the right audience and also promotes your notary/signing business. So what are you waiting for? Take help from CloseWise and revolutionize your notary business by winning more jobs. Explore the official website of CloseWise and choose the best deal for your notary/signing business.