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Whether you're just starting as a notary or loan signing agent, or embarking on your fourth commission, our notary software options offer the essential infrastructure you need to expand and automate your business efficiently and affordably. Why wait?

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Imagine an all-in-one notary app designed to streamline your entire business, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your clients. But what else makes CloseWise so special for your notary business? Discover the difference for yourself.

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Streamlining Efficiency for Signing Agents

The Complete Software Tool For Your Notary Business

Effortless and Powerful Tools For Notaries

CloseWise simplifies growth and efficiency for notaries, cutting costs and consolidating platforms with its advanced features.

Notary Accounting and Management software

Advanced Automated Solution For Your Notary Business

Embrace the most transparent notary signing process from CloseWise, where your closings meet with minimum discrepancies and maximum success rate. Our workflow is designed to keep your transactions clear, unambiguous, and automated.

To provide complete support and assistance to notaries, CloseWise goes one step further and delivers quality marketing consultation to boost notaries’ client acquisition techniques and enhance their overall online visibility through cutting-edge marketing features.

CloseWise revolutionizes the way you manage your notary operations and notary business management. Our platform simplifies notarial activities by integrating multiple administrative tasks while enhancing the notary’s managerial efficiency.

CloseWise is more than just a notary scheduling and accounting app; it is a premium notary job platform for signing agents that helps them build and thrive in their careers. Our platform is packed with advanced features that are designed to elevate your notary career to the next level while increasing your industry connections.

Our cutting-edge features, including precise expense tracking and detailed mileage logs, are your secret weapons not just to save money but also to maximize your tax benefits during tax season. It’s not just about managing expenses; it’s about securing your financial future.

CloseWise’s mighty AI-powered automation can permanently eliminate manual order creation and information filing hassles. With just a few taps on CloseWise, signing agents can ensure flawless, lightning-fast, and secure signings all the time.

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