This is your Signing Service – Simplified

Our signing service platform is built to be super-charged, scalable, and extremely intuitive. That makes it an affordable solution for your business to grow.

CloseWise is an intuitive scheduling and tracking automation tool for the document signing industry. Our signing service platform allows document signings to be scheduled, tracked and updated seamlessly while organizing your business with minimal effort creating more workflow cohesion for all parties involved.

Streamlining Your Signing Service in One Location

Streamlining Your Signing Service in One Location

Scheduling Done The Right Way

Easily Stay Ahead of Schedule

Let CloseWise, an app for signing services, revolutionize the way you manage your contracts. CloseWise's automation and features allow you to be efficient and quick in all stages of an order keeping you ahead of schedule and your clients impressed.

Scheduling Features

  • Auto and manual data entry
  • Auto offer bidding system
  • Call and Confirm system
  • Seamless order Status
  • Calendar integrations
  • Available Agent List

Accounting Features

  • Income List (Paid/Unpaid)
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoicing Automation
  • Profit & Loss Reports

Organized Accounting

Your Accounting Team Will Thank You

Keep track of your expenses with our notary accounting software. CloseWise's accounting feature allows signing services to track payment status & expenses, generate invoice, and make profit & loss report.

Reports That Provide Real Insight

Understand Every Aspect of Your Business.

Our reporting feature helps to understand your business inside and out. With the reports and summaries analyze the avenue of your notary signing business. Gather all information and strategize necessary actions to grow your business.

Reporting Features

  • Mileage log
  • P&L summaries
  • Status reports
  • Receipt tracking

Customized Experience

User Permissions

Give everyone on your team their own site login with designated roles and permissions. Keep track of what they see and create focus around your teams’ goals with our platform for signing service companies.


Agents ♥ Closewise

“We are very pleased with our switch to CloseWise. Over the past 12 years, I’ve used many other software platforms for scheduling or keeping up with accounting, and I can say CloseWise is the most user-friendly software yet. I swear by CloseWise and so does my team. They love it!”

Jake Warren
Signing Company
"I have found the perfect app ... It's a combination of the simple calendar layout + the surprising amount of simple yet useful functionality (receiving orders, adding signings, updating clients, being able to easily input or drag and drop, track my payments). Thank you CloseWise!”
Kim Smith
Escrow Incorporated

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