Why Do You Need A Mobile Notary Public [Explained]

If you’ve ever had official documents that you had to get notarized at any cost, you already understand how challenging that process can be. But what if a notary representative travels to your location? Yes, a mobile notary or often known as a traveling notary, can visit your place at a mutually decided time and get your documents legally signed. Sounds quite helpful, right? It’s quite valuable but what else do you need to know about this professional service? Why do you need a mobile notary public service, and what are the benefits anyway? 

Through this detailed article, we’re going to explore the answer to such questions. Why do you need a mobile notary public service, what are its benefits, and how to choose the right notary services. 

To put all of this quite simply, if you don’t have enough time to leave your office, then you must consider hiring mobile notary services. But, to explain to you every aspect of it in detail, let’s read further on why you need a mobile notary public. Now, without any further adieu, let’s get started: 

What is Mobile Notary Public Services? 

A legal representative appointed by the state or local government, a mobile notary, witnesses the signing of different documents. Similar to any common notary, these mobile notary representatives are there to ensure that all the documents are signed by the right authority. 

Due to its quick and convenient nature, hiring a mobile notary public is quite popular in today’s business world. Moreover, many businesses prefer to use mobile notary services for different industries, making their market quite huge and wide open. 

What Does A Mobile Notary Public Do? 

Unlike your typical notary services, mobile notary services don’t require a client to travel anywhere. Instead, a legal representative from mobile notary service providers will travel to your location as per your preference and availability. So, if you need a document signed by a notary without leaving your office, that’s easily possible by hiring a mobile notary

Currently, many reputed firms in our country are offering mobile notary services. As a result, you’d not have to worry about finding the right company or the best possible way to reach their representatives. To put all of these quickly and in short terms: 

  1. A mobile notary public representative can help you with different kinds of legal documents without any hassle. 
  2. They’re responsible for verifying the authenticity of the signature as well as the nature of the document itself. 
  3. They also act as a witness for both parties, offering them more trust in the process. 
  4. Lastly, they also ensure that all the documents are notarized legally and that there’s no fraudulent activity involved. 

Why Choose A Mobile Public Notary? 

Today, multiple businesses or individuals from different industries or sectors require mobile notary services. And when the deadline is already approaching, finding a public notary becomes quite more hectic. On the other hand, hiring mobile notary representatives is far easier, even at the last minute. 

At your one call or text only, these notary representatives will travel to your location and take care of all the formalities. Also, with mobile notary services, you can get different kinds of documents notarized. A few of them are further explained below: 

  • Medical Documents: In the case of any illness or injury, the patient usually has to request or deny specific kinds of treatment. In such cases, individuals require their medical documents to be legally notarized to ensure there’s no dispute in the future. Apart from this, health care proxies where a person is allowed to make healthcare decisions for their partner also require mobile notary services. 
  • Trusts and Wills: While transferring any asset or giving the ownership of your property to someone else, required notarized documents. Trusts generally involve the process of setting money aside for a specific cause or purpose. On the other hand, Wills are the documents that include the distribution of a person’s possessions after their death. 
  • Power of Attorney (POA): The Power of Attorney or POA is another specific legal document that allows one person to act on behalf of another person in case of their absence. Despite being limited only to certain acts and for a specific time, these documents also require hiring mobile notary services to legalize the process. 

Benefits of Hiring A Travelling Notary Public

Now that we’ve understood why do you need a mobile notary public, it’s time to further dive into this topic. Apart from adding convenience to your busy business schedule, hiring a mobile notary can benefit you in multiple ways. 

For instance, you need your lease to be witnessed, but you’re purchasing this home in a remote or entirely unknown location. Finding a public notary in this would be quite difficult, but mobile notary public representatives are easily available.

To know a bit more about such benefits, we’ve curated a short list of such instances. Let’s have a look at it as well: 

  • Time Flexibility: A typical notary service provider usually works at a specific period, but what if you needed it at 6 AM or even 11 PM? In that case, hiring mobile notary representatives is a brilliant idea as they offer enough time flexibility. After all, they’re always available to work as per your schedule only. 
  • Fraud Prevention: If any mobile notary service representative is present while you’re busy signing documents, preventing fraud is quite easy. Besides checking your identity, a notary representative also ensures that all the documents are original and not fake copies. Hence, hiring a mobile notary can ensure both parties put their confidence in the ongoing process. 
  • Confidentiality & Availability: With the greatest level of confidentiality, a mobile notary public representative protects your privacy. By hiring a mobile notary from a reputed firm, you can easily expect reliable and top-quality services. Furthermore, mobile notary public allows you to get documents notarized even while you’re traveling. Hence, you’d not have to worry about the timings or availability as well. 

Apart from all of this, cost-effectiveness and affordability are a few more reasons why mobile notary public services are quite popular. So, if you were still not sure about why you need a mobile notary public, we believe these benefits have made things clear. 

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Summing Up Our Thoughts

It’s pretty safe to say that mobile notary public services give you a fair bit of advantage when getting your documents signed. Unlike common notaries, you don’t have to travel to a specific location or at a specific time to get your work done. Instead, you can call or choose mobile notary public as per your convenience and availability

A mobile notary public representative holds the same authority as any common notary. Moreover, they also ensure that documents are true and are getting signed by the right person. These documents can be either different trusts, wills, medical documents, power of attorney, or custody agreements. 

Lastly, we hope your questions like “why do you need a mobile notary public” are now answered. Remember that the demand for such mobile notarization is experiencing a huge surge due to a reason. Many businesses worldwide are now relying on such mobile notary public representatives. And we’re hopeful that you’re also ready to hire mobile notary services and get your work done at your convenience and comfort.