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Notary Management Software

CloseWise is all-in-one notary accounting software. We keep the entirety of your business in one place.

Profit & Loss Reports | P&L reports are auto generated based on your income and expense data. Review at a glance or download for taxes

Expense Tracking | Another business expense to input? Simply open CloseWise and enter the expense on the go while taking a photo of receipts for your easy to find records

Income List (Paid/Unpaid) | Never miss a payment. Track every jobs payment status and easily see what is still owed for your work

Invoicing Automation | Generate professional invoices and send them to your clients directly through CloseWise for payment.

Payment Processing

Receive your payments from CloseWise vendors directly through the platform.

  • Agent Payroll & approval automation
  • Receive payments directly through CloseWise by linking your accounts
  • Payroll made easy and trackable to minimize discrepancies

Notary Scheduling Software
Notary Accounting Software


Receive booking offers from potential clients straight to your email or phone! Closewise offers not only a better way to track all orders for your business, but a way to receive new ones.

Master Schedule

From vacations to meetings to signing appointments, automate your notary scheduling by scheduling your signing orders – you can see it all at a glance or have a downloadable version for yourself or to share.

Calendar Integration

Sync all of your events to your google calendar so you can keep everything easily centralized instead of going back and forth to several platforms.

Available Agent Listings

Become a publicly listed agent on CloseWise at no cost to increase your reach as a signing professional.


Stay up to date and in the know with all dates and details at a glance with our mobile notary scheduling software for mortgage closings.

Powerful Dashboard

Easy Call & Confirm Features

  • All at your fingertips, you can find clickable contact information along with your appointment details. Stay on top of your jobs with ease while updating info along with your clients in seconds
  • Once you’re ready to go to your appointment click to navigate linking automatically to either apple or google maps

3 Step Updates

  • Rather than writing emails or back and forth calls you can update order status with all pertinent information needed with three clicks on your order dashboard
  • Leave Order notes for yourself and client without the need for emails or multiple platforms

Upload Orders Without Manual Entry

  • The days of time consuming order entry is coming to an end. What use to take minutes now takes a few seconds with our confirmation upload technology that will read and enter your order details for you.
  • Currently synced with multiple formats and adding more with your feedback and needs


Let us help! You have enough to keep track of in your day to day.

  • CloseWise notifications keep you ahead of the job with minimal effort
  • More cost effective than any office employee, our simple click update ability minimizes the time it takes to update your clients making you look more professional and giving your client peace of mind
  • Settings allow you to choose what reminders and notifications you want to receive and how

Notary Scheduling Software
Notary Accounting Software

Receipt Tracking

Never worry about storing your receipts for your taxes. Everything is maintained orderly right in your expense reports.

Agent Schedules

Like being able to hold your paper schedule? We understand that too. Simply click and print your schedule so that you have a hard copy along with your digital dashboard to take with you on the go.


Analyze each avenue of your business with out notary management software.

Mileage Log

  • All entered appointments auto calculate your round-trip distance from your office to your appointment location
  • Mileage tracking automatically gives you an estimate of your write off for tax season
  • Easily add trips for business or edit trips for increased accuracy
  • Downloads of professional mileage logs at the click of a button

Status Reports

  • At a glance see the status of all past, present, and future orders
  • Download reports to review and understand what has been happening with your orders over time

Summaries gives you an easily understandable overview of your operation for any specific date range. CloseWise gathers information to help strategize your necessary business actions.

  • How many closing are you receiving
  • How is your income fluctuating?
  • How your expenses are growing or shrinking
  • How much are you estimated to NET profit

Closing File Details

Everything you need for your assignments at a glance. Click the action button and see all the details of your order.

  • Signer information
  • Lender and Client information
  • Appointment details like status, location, and any notes you’ve added for yourself or for your client
  • Critical Document Uploads from your client or to your client after signing
  • Activity logs of all actions taken on the order
  • Expenses directly related to the order you have added
  • Special Instructions from your client

Notary Signing Agent Software

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