How Much Does a Notary Make – The Latest Insights & Tips

Importance Of Notaries In Today’s Legal System

Being a notary signing agent is a rewarding career, everyone knows. But as a notary signing agent, you may wonder how much does a notary make? Can this career provide you with a sustainable income and the opportunity to achieve your goals? You’re not alone in asking these questions, especially during the current notary boom. Many new notaries want to know which states offer the highest earning potential. If you want to know how much a notary makes these days, this article is for you. It will explore these concerns and provide insights to help you understand the financial prospects of being a notary signing agent. You will also know the latest industry insights, tips, and the earning potentials of the notary signing agents based on states and specializations. So, without further adieu, let’s get started. 

How Much Does A Notary Make – The Latest Data May Encourage You

Notary jobs come with various job titles depending on the work’s specializations and nature. These titles can differ based on responsibilities and departments within the organization. Here is a list of average salaries for various notary signing agent positions.

Job TitlesAnnual National Avg Salary
Remote Online Notary$129,717
Mobile Notary$101,098
Notary Operations Specialists$52,782
eNotary (Electronic Notary)$44,000
Notary Signing Agent$40,145
Notary Public$32,708

The earning potential of a notary signing agent can vary from state to state mainly due to the cost of living and price index of a specific state. A notary’s average annual base salary is $45,179 in the USA. So, based on your preferred state and city, experience, and employer, you can earn from 20% below the national average to around 40% above the US national average. You may relocate to a different state or work in multiple states with different pay packages per signing order to increase your earning potential. Let’s see how much a notary makes in different states in 2023.

State NameAverage Base Salary (Annual)Monthly Pay (Avg.)Weekly Pay (Avg.)Hourly Wage (Avg.)
District Of Columbia$50,293$4191.08$966.79$24.05
New Jersey$49,737$4144.75$955.71$11.43
New York$48,210$4017.50$926.35$11.23
Rhode Island$47,347$3945.58$909.75$11.11

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Notaries: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Their Monthly Earnings

According to a fascinating survey by the National Notary Association, the results unveil a wealth of insights into the world of full-time and part-time notary professionals. Get this: a whopping 70% of full-time mobile notaries start making a profit within just two years of starting their business. That’s right, and they’re cashing in on their hard work! But here’s the twist: a brave 29% takes a little longer to reach that sweet spot. They keep at it, determined as ever, and finally see their efforts pay off after two years. Now, let’s talk about the part-timers. Picture this: 42% are making bank within just one year! Talk about fast results. But wait, there’s more: 47% of these dedicated folks don’t let time hold them back. They stick with it, and even if it takes them more than two years, they eventually hit that profit milestone.

A recent study by a reputable recruitment agency sheds light on the earning potential of full-time and part-time notary professionals. According to the findings, part-time notaries make an average of $1250 per week, up to an impressive $60,000 annually. On the other hand, the report reveals that full-time notaries have the potential to earn around $100,000 annually. The comparative analysis demonstrates that pursuing a full-time notary career can lead to greater financial success. However, being a part-time notary still holds significant value as it can serve as a valuable additional revenue stream. So whether you’re looking for a rewarding full-time profession or seeking to supplement your income part-time, the notary path presents enticing opportunities for financial growth. 

Factors Influencing Your Income Potentials As A Notary:

The growing demand for loan signings and real estate transactions attracts many individuals to this profession. Many people aspire to be full-time notaries, while others see it as a way to earn extra money. Many view it as a side hustle and often wonder, “How much can you make as a part-time notary?” There is no ‘one’ answer to this question. It depends on many factors. These factors influence how much does a notary make. Understanding these factors is important if you are a notary or willing to pursue this career anytime soon. Let’s check out the factors in detail.

#1 Geographical Factors:

The geographical location is perhaps the most influencing factor in answering how much you can make as a notary. The population density, consumer-price index, and the conditions of the real estate market of your state can be different from other states. 

For instance, if you are a notary in California, one of the most populous states in the US, you have a better chance to make more money as a notary. This state has a high consumer-price index and a vibrant real estate market. Notaries who work here earn higher incomes compared to other states. In addition, a high volume of commercial activities around the state increases the demand for notary services, thus enhancing your chances of making more money per signing order. On the other hand, if you live in a state like Wyoming, you have fewer chances to make money as a notary. 

#2 Experience & Expertise:

You can make more money per signature if you have more experience and expertise in your notary profession. You do not have to be a genius to understand it. Building a solid foundation of knowledge on legal frameworks, state laws, and regulations can increase the average income of a notary agent. In addition, you can create higher income opportunities by staying updated on industry regulations and improving your skills. A good amount of experience can also help you establish a robust reputation and attract more clients to your doorstep.

**Note: Do you know an NNA survey found that an experienced full-time mobile notary can make more than $2,000-$4,000 than a fresher? The same survey revealed that an experienced part-time mobile notary could make $500-$1000 more than his inexperienced colleagues. [Source- NNA Survey- Bulletin Data Graphics 06-07-21 v4 (]

#3 Expand Your Area Of Expertise:

As a notary signing agent, it’s worth considering additional income streams within the notary field. Exploring roles like mobile notary services, remote online notary, e-Notary, and other specialized signings can expand your expertise and boost your monthly earnings. By diversifying your offerings, you can create stability and potentially increase your income as a loan signing agent. Here’s the exciting part: diversifying your offerings boosts your income as a loan signing agent and creates a sense of stability. By staying versatile and adaptable, you ensure that even if one or more specializations experience a dip, your other areas of expertise keep the revenue flowing. In addition, developing proficiency in multiple notary job roles gives you a unique advantage when catering to diverse signing order requirements. The answer to the question of how much a notary makes largely depends on your ability to perform multiple notarial acts.

** Note: Do you know that as a notary professional, you have many opportunities to work as an Apostille agent & earn up to $150 per apostille? Similarly, You have the option to become a field inspector, permit runner, or wedding proficient and earn $70 (per field inspection), $150(Per permit), and $250 (Per wedding), respectively.

Increase Your Chances To Make Money As A Notary- A Few Useful Tips:

There is no denying that the notary signing industry has become competitive. The competition has increased significantly, as there has been an increase in the number of people becoming notaries. So, the growing competition can greatly influence how much money you will make as a notary. However, according to the National Notary Association, the notary job sector is not overcrowded just yet. It’s just that notaries with greater skills and knowledge about the industry will earn more. So to increase your chances of making money as a notary, we have shortlisted a few exclusive tips for you. 

  • Increase your professional network & association by joining organizations like NNA, AAN, and ASN.
  • Promote your services by printing business cards and promotional materials & distribute them to potential clients such as insurance agents, bank tellers, real estate agents, post office clerks, and law firms.
  • Witness more real estate transactions by staying present in as many transactions as possible to be more proficient and knowledgeable about mortgage signings.
  • Make your service package competitive by offering competitive pricing or packages to attract new clients and encourage repeat business. 
  •  You should consider developing a professional website to cater to the needs of your online audience. 
  •  You should continuously enhance your skills and knowledge through professional development courses or certifications. 

What Are Notary Services You Can Offer To Make Money & How Much?

1. Work As A Notary Public: Your career can start by becoming a notary public. It has great potential to boost your income as a notary. An average annual salary of a notary public in the USA is $32,708. The states like California, Nevada, the Districts of Columbia, Alaska, and Hawaii have a higher demand for a notary public. A high school diploma and obtaining a notary public certification are mandatory for signing orders. Based on your state regulations and norms, you may have to pass a state exam to obtain a practising license.

2. Become A RON (Remote Online Notary): You may start working as a RON (Remote Online Notary), a great way to make money. And how much does a remote online notary make? An average annual salary of a RON is $127,717 a year. The demand for RON is particularly high in Berkeley(CA), Renton(WA), Santa Monica (CA), Boston (MA), Irvine(CA), and Merced (CA). The RON job market is also very active in Seattle and the surroundings. Alongside notary public certifications, you should be proficient at using RON platforms and other essential audio-visual technology. 

3. Work As A Mobile Notary Agent: Becoming a mobile notary signing agent is a great way to earn money as a notary. According to a survey, the demand for mobile notary publics is steadily rising, and they earn more money than notary public agents. As a mobile notary signing agent, you must travel to meet different clients and complete the signing process. So, the question comes, how much does a mobile notary make per signing? As of June 2023, the annual average salary of a mobile notary signing agent is $101,098. The demand for mobile notary signing agents is particularly high in New York City, NY, with Berkeley, CA and Great Neck Gardens. However, the mobile notary job market is not very active in Washington and Seattle. 

4. Become A Notary Operations Specialist: Working as a notary operations specialist (notary operations manager) can be a great career option. The demand for notary operations specialists is growing steadily across the USA. As per the latest report, the average base pay of a notary operation specialist stands at $52,782 a year. As a notary operations specialist, you will manage and oversee the notary operations within the organization. The demand for this notary job role is very high in the states like California, New Jersey, and Indiana. 

5. Electronic Notarization: You may consider working as an eNotary to earn more in the notary signing business. As an e-Notary, you can work across the states. Thanks to the electronic notarization process, you cater to more clients several hours away from you. According to a recent survey, the average annual salary of an eNotary is $44,000. The eNotary job market is active in cities like New York, Washington, Las Vegas, and the east coast.

6. Kickstart Your Career As A Notary Signing Agent: You will be surprised that notary signing agents make more money than a notary public in a year. So, being a notary signing agent can be a great option for you. The average salary of a notary signing agent is $40,145 a year. By passing a notary signing agent examination, you can be a notary signing agent. However, the selection process varies from state to state. The demand for notary signing agents is very high in Washington, Seattle, and its surroundings. 

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Now, let’s address the questions on your mind: How much does a notary make, or how much does a notary make per signature? We do not have a single answer to this question. However, one thing we can promise for sure. You will earn more by leveraging the power of CloseWise and taking advantage of our extensive network. Join CloseWise today to make more money as a notary.

Final Words:

Are you considering a career as a notary? Understanding the factors influencing your pay package as a notary signing agent, remote online notary (RON), or mobile notary is important. There are some valuable tips to remember to stay competitive in this field. Fortunately, we’ve covered you with state-wise tables and notary information pay packages across different states. By exploring these resources, you can discover which state offers the best opportunities for earning more as a notary. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re ready to pursue a rewarding career as a professional notary. We’re expanding our network and would love to have you on board.