How Do Signing Services Find A Notary For A Loan Signing Appointment?

How Do Signing Services Find A Notary

Signing service companies act as intermediaries in the loan signing process, connecting borrowers with notaries seamlessly. When a borrower requires notarization for loan documents, signing services facilitate the coordination and scheduling of a notary signing agent to meet with the borrower. To ensure successful loan closings, they must build a network of qualified notaries to execute each signing assignment.

However, finding the perfect notary is no less than a treasure hunt for any signing service company. According to some market research firms, US notary marketing is worth several billion dollars, and to meet this growing demand, signing service companies need notary signing agents more than ever. This article can help you understand how signing service companies can easily find notaries. Consider it worth reading.

How Signing Services Find & Hire Notaries?

#1 Building A Robust Notary Network:

Signing service companies often attend prominent industry events and join local notary associations to meet and forge relationships with experienced notaries. Their ability to perform constant networking allows them to build an extensive pool of qualified notaries specializing in diverse notarization areas. You may consider using your social skills and communications to build a good rapport with prominent notary signing agents nearby.

#2 Developing Robust Relationship With Prominent Notary Associations:

Many signing services consider forging solid relationships with prominent notary associations like National Notary Associations (NNA) and American Notary Association (ANA) to access a qualified pool of notaries. Partnering with top notary associations allows them to connect with notaries adept in specific document types or industries. Furthermore, by developing a robust relationship with these organizations, signing services can hire notaries who meet their criteria. 

#3 Using Comprehensive Notary Database:

Signing services also use comprehensive notary databases to hire qualified and skilled notaries. By leveraging notary databases, signing services can filter through hundreds of qualified notaries based on location, availability, and expertise. The process helps them save time and money by showcasing profiles of verified notaries’ licenses and insurance, ensuring you don’t risk working with unprofessional notaries who lack essential skills and knowledge.

#4 Embracing Notary Jobs Platform To Hire Notaries:

Signing service companies no longer depend on outdated phone directories and phone calls to connect with notary signing agents. The power of leading notary platforms and tools like Closewise allows signing service companies to find notaries easily. With the help of these platforms, notaries can update their availability, showcase their experience and expertise, and develop a robust professional online image. Signing service companies find and hire skilled notaries on these platforms to source notaries with specific skill sets. In short, these platforms act as notary jobs platforms for notaries looking to be noticed by signing services.

Tips For Signing Services To Hire Notaries

1: Go Beyond Traditional Notary Directories

Instead of relying on traditional notary directories and outdated databases, signing service companies should focus on notary platforms more to choose verified notaries with detailed information. These platforms provide signing services with valuable insights and analytics to track notary availability, skill sets, ratings, and client reviews. In addition, these platforms can show the most suitable notary for a specific closing based on their location and availability. Relying on these platforms can help signing services speed up the signing process and close more orders in less time.  

2: Decoding Notarization Requirements for Flawless Signings

A renowned signing service company should decode the clients’ requirements for notarization and find notaries who meet those requirements. To hire qualified and experienced notaries, signing services must comprehend the type of notarization, such as loan signings or mortgage closings. By decoding the notarization types, signing service companies can ensure precise matches for their signings and hire the right notary personnel. 

3: Cultivate Collaborative Relationships

Signing service companies should offer training materials to ensure a long-term working mechanism and collaboration. They can consider attending mentorship programs and online workshops to meet promising signing agents. It helps signing services improve workflow quality while building a collaborative atmosphere with the signing agents. It will help them build a positive brand image and attract talented signing agents. The signing services may create a community or forum that facilitates transparent communication between notaries, signing services, and clients. 

4: Leverage Technology To Ensure Smooth Onboarding

In this digital age, the traditional methods of hiring professionals are no longer sufficient to attract qualified professionals. Therefore, signing services should leverage the latest technology to harness fresh talents. Here are a few ways signing service companies can use technology to source high-skill notaries:

  • They can use cutting-edge communication tools to streamline the conversation between them and signing agents.
  • Signing services can also develop a robust online presence by building a powerful website to showcase their professional image. 
  • Signing services may also choose to build an active social media page to connect notaries, fostering a sense of community and trust.

 5: Foster A Culture Of Excellence

Many signing services implement attractive incentive programs, rewards, and gift coupons for top-performing notaries. These programs can help signing services to draw the attention of notaries to their businesses. In addition, by appreciating top-performing notaries and encouraging their excellent work, they can foster a culture of excellence that can motivate emerging notaries to work with them. Signing services can quickly expand their notary network by establishing clear ethical guidelines and practices.

How Closewise Can Help Signing Services Find Notaries?

Are you searching for qualified notaries? Closewise, the leading notary scheduling and business management platform connects your signing services with your area’s most qualified and experienced notaries. Our platform provides the most comprehensive list of notaries known for their accuracy, reliability, and quality.

With Closewise, you can view each notary’s profile and ratings, allowing you to choose the best notary for your team. In addition, our cutting-edge scheduling and notification features can help you streamline your communication and send signing packets to your preferred signing agents.

Furthermore, on Closewise, notaries can update their availability and status, which allows signing services to hire available notaries. So what are you waiting for? Join the Closewise today and experience the power of a trusted notary network. 

Final Words:

In the world of loan and mortgage closings, notary signing agents play a crucial role. As the signing service industry continues to evolve, signing service professionals need talented notary signing agents more than ever. Finding and hiring notary signing agents has become a challenging task for signing services, and they are increasingly relying on notary scheduling and management platforms like Closewise to create a network of skilled notaries. Hopefully, the article served you well in understanding how signing services find notaries and how Closewise can help them in this process.