Top Employers Who Actively Hire Commissioned Notaries

As a notary, apart from initiating your own notary signing business, you have many career options. Plenty of commercial organizations, signing services, title, and escrow companies are looking to hire skilled and qualified notaries to carry out multiple responsibilities. These responsibilities include core functionaries like document notarizations and administrative tasks like filling out paperwork, typing documents, and attending client calls. Wondering who are the employers looking for notaries like you? Don’t worry. This blog will help you identify all sorts of notary jobs from leading employers that will boost your resume and help you stand out. So, stay tuned to the blog till the end. 

Leading Employers That Want To Hire Notaries:

According to the data revealed by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the requirements for notaries will steadily increase in the coming years due to the emergence of a significant number of commercial entities. Here are the names of leading employers looking to hire experienced and skilled notaries.

#1 Banks & Credit Unions:

The leading banks and financial organizations often provide their customers with notarial services to notarize their mortgage and loan signing documents. Although, nowadays, banks have fewer on-staff notaries due to their shifts to online banking, many smaller banks still hire notary signing agents to provide their customers with the required notarial services. In addition, many lending institutions and credit unions employ commissioned notaries or in-house notaries to notarize loan documents and other financial papers before granting loans to applicants. 

#2 Title Companies:

Title companies are critical in facilitating smooth and flawless real estate transactions. They often need a team of skilled notaries to notarize the property documents to ensure the property titles are transferred to the right owner. Notaries work in title companies to notarize property deeds, mortgage papers, and power of attorney. On many occasions, title companies directly contract out loan signings to independent notary signing agents, but they also require in-house notaries. They are one of the leading employers who are likely to hire commissioned notaries, a lot of them. They also hire in-house notaries to ensure better control and oversight of the notarization process. Title companies also prefer to hire mobile notaries due to their ability to travel to locations convenient to clients.

#3 Law Firms & Offices:

Legal firms need notary signing agents to prepare and authenticate wills and deeds. Attornies who work in legal offices look for commissioned notaries who can assist them as paralegals. Notary signing agents help attorney firms in notarizing legal documents like wills, deeds, trusts, affidavits, and other legal papers. In addition, law firms that work on real estate transactions need to hire notaries to authenticate and verify property documents like sales deeds.

#4 Mortgage Companies:

Mortgage companies connect buyers and sellers involved in a property transaction and help them close the deal. They also bridge the gap between a lender and a buyer and help the buyer get the required financial assistance to buy a property. Mortgage companies hire notaries to notarize mortgage documents and authenticate papers like loan agreements, deeds, and trusts. Notaries hired by mortgage companies are responsible for verifying the identities of signatories of a property transaction. Furthermore, notaries in mortgage companies also act as impartial witnesses to critical documents and help companies prevent fraud.

#5 Real Estate Firms:

Notaries are in high demand among real estate firms nowadays, as they play a pivotal role in closing real estate transactions. Notaries are in high demand among real estate firms nowadays, as they play a crucial role in closing real estate transactions. Real estate firms regularly manage and process numerous documents and transactions. They need notary signing agents to ensure the legality, validity, and security of these documents. Real estate firms look for notaries who can add an extra layer of legality to documents by confirming the willingness of both buyers and sellers to close the transaction. In addition, notaries provide an excellent service in executing property deeds and wills to expedite and streamline real estate closings. 

#6 Notary Signing Services:

Signing services are a critical part of the signing service industry. They hire notaries to authenticate important documents for their customers and businesses accurately and in a timely manner. Notaries work in signing services to ensure all the requirements for notarizing documents are met with precision and agility. Notaries in signing services facilitate flawless notarization for title and escrow companies who are clients of signing services. Signing services need notaries to coordinate with the parties involved in a transaction and play a vital role in facilitating smooth closings. In addition, notaries also administer oaths and affirmations to certify signatures and paperwork. 

#7 Other Employers:

Today, industries and organizations like schools, car dealers, construction, and healthcare facilities also hire notaries to notarize a range of critical documents. For instance, schools and education institutes look for notaries who can certify and authenticate students’ records and teachers’ identities. Notaries in the education sector provide apostille services to complete the authentication process for enrollment certificates and passing out certificates. Similarly, car dealers hire notaries to handle documents like vehicle titles, out-of-state purchase forms, correction letters, vehicle insurance, and pollution certificates. 

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Final Words:

As a notary signing agent, you have multiple options to take your career forward instead of establishing a notary signing business of your own. The demand for a commissioned and in-house notary goes far beyond the traditional scopes and opportunities of a notary public. From bustling banks to title companies and from shining signing services to mortgage companies, opportunities for a notary signing agent are vast. Today, organizations like car dealers, hospitals, and even schools want to hire notaries. So, if you’re looking for a fulfilling career path with significant growth potential, consider the employers mentioned in our article.