How To Find A Notary Signing Agent For Your Signing Orders?

how to find a notary signing agent

All critical legal and commercial documents need notarization, from mortgages and property sale deeds to loan documents. Due to increased real estate projects and loan signings, the signing service industry needs more qualified notaries to accomplish successful closings. From closing real estate deals to signing critical legal and commercial documents, notaries can notarize and authenticate all records for the signing company. If you have a signing company, you need a team of qualified notaries who can do much more than stamp documents. You need them to verify the signer’s identity, explain the purpose of documents to parties, and ensure all signatures are accurately executed. However, hiring a notary can be challenging and tricky. But don’t freak out. This blog will provide a comprehensive outline of finding a notary signing agent for your signing company. So stay tuned till the end. 

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Notary Signing Agent:

Choosing the right notary signing agent can significantly improve the efficiency of your signings and refine your customer experience. To find a competent notary, you must ask yourself a few vital questions to optimize your search. Let’s check them out. 

#1 What Kind Of Notarization Do You Need?

There are mainly 3 kinds of notarization: Acknowledgment, Jurat, and Oath. These three types of notarization are needed in various sectors, including government, judiciary, business, education, and healthcare. So, you must ask yourself what kind of job you need to hire notary signing agents. Notarization is essential for authenticating a deed or mortgage before closing a real estate transaction. You also need notarization for authenticating a loan application to get approval for your loan. You may need notarization for an entrepreneur who wants to notarize a contract or business agreement. Besides, there are many other occasions where notarization is required. So, the kind of notarization you need for your signing services will help you find notaries with a specific skill set and expertise.

#2 What Type Of Notary Do You Need?

The type of notary you need depends on the documents you need notarization and the type of transaction. Here are the different types of notaries.

  • General Notaries: They are also known as a notary public, capable of performing all types of notarization, including acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, and affirmations. They can help you notarize real estate documents, complicated loan applications, and business contracts.
  • Real Estate Notaries: Real estate notaries specialize in notarizing property documents, real estate transactions such as deeds, and power of attorney. 
  • Loan Signing Agents: If you have a complicated loan document that needs notarization, you need loan signing agents to notarize documents like loan applications, promissory notes, and closing papers.
  • Mobile Notaries: Mobile notaries will travel to their clients’ locations to notarize documents. They are getting more convenient for clients in recent years.
  • Remote Online Notary: RON or Remote Online Notaries perform online notarizations by using a video conferencing application to connect the document’s signer and verify the signer’s identity before notarizing the document. 

#3 How Much Notaries Do Charge For A Notarization?

Understanding the fees notaries claim for their services is crucial before hiring notary signing agents. The government sets pricing regulations to determine the allowable fees for notaries, which they must adhere to. However, the charges can vary depending on the type of notarial act, whether it involves attesting a signature or performing a remote notarization. To get a transparent fee structure for notaries, you may consider a notary scheduling platform where you can find qualified notaries with their associated fees.  

Where To Find Notary Signing Agents:

There are three ways to find notary signing agents. Let’s check them out one by one.

  • Traditional Method: Depending upon the location of your signing company, you can search for notary signing agents in prominent establishments like post offices, attorney offices, banks, real estate firms, and many other places. In addition, you may also consider using advertising to search for qualified notaries in your locality. In addition, people try to find notaries near them by using popular search engines. However, these traditional methods can take time to find a notary or provide them with any valuable information.  
  • Notary Associations: Getting associated with widespread and leading notary associations can be valuable for finding notaries. The leading notary associations like the National Notary Association (NNA) and the Notary Association of America have extensive networks of experienced notaries known for their best practices. By joining such associations, you can hire a notary who adheres to the industry standards and procedures.
  • Notary Platforms: In the past few years, digital and online notary tools have become increasingly popular among signing companies to find notaries online. Notary platforms have a comprehensive database of notary signing agents and connect them with signing companies and title & escrow companies. These platforms can provide you with capabilities to find qualified notaries near you. This wealth of features allows signing companies to search for notaries that meet their requirements and build their own notary teams.  

How To Hire A Notary Signing Agent On Closewise?

Hiring a top-tier notary signing agent has never been easier than with Closewise. CloseWise is a notary scheduling and business management platform that streamlines notary operations and connects signing agents with signing companies. Our platform simplifies the signing process from start to finish and provides a centralized place to find and book qualified notaries. 

On Closewise, you can sign up as a signing company and browse through a curated list of qualified notaries near you. In addition, its advanced features and interface allow you to review the notary profiles and ratings and hire a notary online. Once you book a notary, Closewise can help you schedule appointments, share documents, initiate meaningful conversations, and manage your signings. The extensive database from Closewise allows you to find notary signing agents based on their area of service, credentials, and areas of expertise. 

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Final Words:

Signing companies need notary signing agents to notarize documents and close orders on time. Hopefully, this article helped you increase your chances of finding and hiring notary signing agents. Before hiring notaries, you must evaluate their expertise by reading reviews, checking their availability, and booking a notary who can close any transaction smoothly. That’s why you must use notary platforms like Closewise to get quotes from multiple notaries for a signing order. Closewise offers a wealth of cutting-edge features that help you easily find qualified notaries and automate your signing workflow. Join Closewise today and hire notaries who can help you close orders wisely.