Why Title Companies Use a Signing Service Company?

Signing service companies play a crucial role in the signing of essential signing documents for the real estate and financial industries. They have a network of notary signing agents certified in notarizing various documents and authenticating signers involved in a transaction. Title companies and escrow services often need the help of signing service companies to notarize complex legal and commercial documents. In addition, signing service companies provide title and escrow companies with a pool of qualified and experienced notary signing agents. There are many more reasons why title companies need the help of signing service companies. In this insightful article, we will explore how signing service companies can help title companies close signing orders.

Demands For Signing Service Companies On The Rise- A Statistical Perspective:

In the past few years, the demand for signing service companies has surged due to increased commercial and financial operations. In addition, digitization has enabled notary signing service companies to meet the rising demand for their services. The growing number of real estate projects has also influenced title companies to partner with more signing service companies. 

Here are some statistical numbers that highlight the surging demands for signing service companies. A survey reveals that the global signing service market will reach $10.2 billion by 2027, which indicates their growing relevance in executing commercial and loan transactions. Another study shows that between 2020 and 2021, the number of e-signature transactions increased by more than 200%, indicating the flexibility of signing service companies in accommodating modern signing techniques like e-notarization and RON.

Why Title Companies Work With Signing Service Companies?

#1 Greater Convenience For title companies:

Signing service companies provide remote support to title companies and escrow services, saving them time and reducing hassle. Partnering with Signing service companies allows title companies to schedule and manage signings conveniently. With the help of signing companies, title companies can scale their operations without adding overhead. The title companies can simply submit a job order to a signing service company, and the company will take care of everything else. So, the staff of title companies can be freed to focus on more critical tasks.

#2 A Single Point Of Contact:

Even if the notary signing industry now has more digital capabilities and technological support, title and escrow companies need the assistance of a trusted professional network for handling critical legal documents. That’s where the reliability and adaptability of signing service companies step in with a single point of contract available 24/7. Signing service companies ensure that the title companies have a dependable signing service partner no matter when and where they need them. 

#3 Extensive Network Of Notaries:

Title companies heavily rely on signing service companies to connect with experienced notary signing agents. In addition, signing service companies have an effective credential verification process, ensuring the quality and certifications of the notary signing agents listed on their platforms. The process helps title companies find notaries who can adhere to industry compliance and quality assurance. Furthermore, these signing agents are well-versed in the necessary procedures, ensuring smooth and error-free signings. So, the role of signing service companies in finding qualified notaries is inevitable for tile and escrow companies. 

#4 Ensuring Greater Flexibility & Collaboration:

The signing service companies have the flexibility to handle various signing requirements, including real estate and loan transactions. For instance, they can schedule signings at different times and send notaries to meet signers at convenient locations. In addition, signing service companies have skilled notaries who are experts in project management and can work as a team to streamline the signing process. 

#5 Cost-Effective Partnership:

One of the significant advantages of signing service and title company partnership is that they can help title companies save money on in-house staffing and other costs. By partnering with a signing service company, title companies and escrow services can close more orders quickly, allowing them to handle multiple demands cost-efficiently. Signing service companies can help title companies dodge the challenges of recruiting new signing agents of their own 

#6 Improved Customer Service:

Signing Service companies can help title companies improve their customer service by completing the signing process of closing documents efficiently. With their quality notary signing agents and operational transparency, they can help title companies reduce the risk of fraud and errors. Eventually, with their help, title companies can expand their reach and serve clients in new areas. 

How CloseWise Can Help Title Companies & Signing Service Companies Find Each Other?

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Key Takeaways:

In this fast-paced world, it is challenging for title companies to ensure seamless closings without the assistance of qualified notary signing agents. Signing service companies can offer a multitude of services to title companies, from document notarization to overseeing a transaction. The expertise and flexibility of signing service companies ensure a smooth, flawless, and fast closing for title and escrow companies. In this context, CloseWise can help both form an alliance and shape the future of the signing service industry.