Best Ways For Notaries To Get More Work From Title Companies

For a notary signing agent, title companies are a vital source for getting more signing orders. Title companies can provide notaries with a steady stream of real estate closings, loan signings, and other official documents that require notarization. But in a crowded field of notaries, it’s challenging for signing agents to secure a lasting professional collaboration with title companies.

As a notary, you need to have an effective strategy and insights to ensure a robust relationship with title companies to solidify your position as a trusted professional in the industry. This blog will discuss how, as a notary, you can ensure a steady flow of signing orders from title companies and foster a harmonious relationship with them. So, delve into it.

How Can You Get Signing Jobs From Title Companies?

Reaching out to title companies is more challenging than it sounds. But with the right strategic approach and systematic marketing campaign, notaries can get more signing jobs from title companies. Here are some insightful ways you can get notary jobs from the title and escrow companies:

#1 Know The Market:

  • Understand title company needs: To get signing jobs from title companies, you should carry out proper research to identify common pain points of title companies. With adequate research, you will be able to understand the underwhelming aspects like scheduling delays, the lack of technology integration, and unreliable services. Once you identified the issues, you can tailor your notary services to address these issues and present your notary business as a viable solution to them.
  • Differentiate Your Services: While presenting your notary signing business, highlight the strengths of your notary business and make them key differentiators. For instance, you can mention differentiating factors like flexibility, error-free work, or expertise in specific notarization or emphasize any niche specialties you hold.
  • Network Actively: For a notary signing agent, effective networking is the key to getting notary jobs from title companies. You may consider attending industry events or joining online forums and associations to connect with title companies, escrow officers, and closing coordinators directly. 

#2 Build A Robust Online Presence:

  • Website: You should create a professional website to showcase a comprehensive overview of your notary services. You should consider highlighting your expertise, offered services, coverage areas (Counties and Zip codes), and contact information.
  • Social Media: To expand your professional network and reach, leverage social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your services constantly. These platforms can help you connect with escrow officers and professionals in the title industry and share relevant content with them. 
  • Leverage Google Search: Use Google Search to identify local title companies by using relevant keywords like ‘title companies near me.’ Research their websites and specializations for personalized outreach. 

#3 Develop An Impressive Email Profile & Pitch:

  • Concise & Compelling Email Profile: As a notary, you must create a powerful first impression on title companies. Crafting a professional email to highlight your experience, location, coverage, and availability is a great way to make that impression. Your introductory mail should also include essential information such as your contact information, website link, and the list of counties/Zip codes you serve. 
  • Scheduled Email Campaigns: It would be best if you kept in mind the fact that a one-time email will not be enough to secure signing jobs from title companies. It would be best if you implemented scheduled email campaigns, including a series of informative and promotional emails spaced strategically over time. It will help you actively engage with prominent title companies while sharing success stories, client testimonials, industry trends, and updates.

#4 Use Gifts As Icebreakers:

  • Strategic Gifting: Remember, we talked about creating a powerful first impression a while ago. Well, there is another way to do it. You can consider sending personalized gifts to title companies or carrying a memorable gift while visiting a title company. You can use a customized coffee mug, notepads printed with your company name, a pen, or even a small gift basket. You can use these gifts as icebreakers while visiting a title company for the office for the first time or follow-up visits. This strategy is very useful in getting notary jobs from title and escrow companies.
  • Establish A Meaningful Connection: While giving gifts always try to attach a personal note expressing your interest in strategic collaboration by offering services. It can help you generate a positive impression on title companies and make your notary services memorable to them.

#5 Going The Extra Mile:

  • Share Interactive Materials: You can start sharing visually appealing and informative materials like brochures and presentations with title companies. You can use these brochures to highlight your services, qualifications, and the benefits of choosing your services over others. 
  • Leverage The Latest Technology To Demonstrate Professionalism: Notaries must use modern tools like notary scheduling platforms and tools to demonstrate their professionalism to title companies. While pitching your notary business, remember to highlight how using these technologies has brought efficiency and accuracy to your signing workflow.
  • Confidence In Communication: As a notary, you should have assertive communication skills. You must develop your ability to clearly articulate the value of your services, reliability, and adherence to industry standards.

How CloseWise Can Help Notaries To Get More Work From Title Companies?

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Bottom Line:

Hopefully, this article helped you understand how notaries market to title companies. Implementing the strategies mentioned in this article, notaries can become indispensable partners to title companies and get more notary jobs. You should never forget that your ability to deliver quality services, dedication, flexibility, and technological knowledge are the keys to unlocking a steady flow of signing orders from title companies. So, get ready to implement these strategies and leverage the power of CloseWise to ensure a robust and collaborative partnership with title companies. For more information, schedule a call with our business expert today!