Things To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Notary Service

Notarization of vital business documents and legal papers is critical for every individual and business. Today, we are living in a fast world and mobile notaries are the need of this hour. Not everyone has the time to visit a notary public office to notarize their documents. 

So, the need for notaries who perform on-site notarization is at an all-time high. Top industries and commercial concerns are also preferring on-site notarization to optimize their time and resources. 

Each day, more individuals and businesses are choosing mobile notaries over traditional notary services. With that, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and organizations to choose the best notary services

Choosing the best is always difficult, however, this blog will provide you with an idea to choose the best mobile notary by highlighting the most critical factors. So stay tuned till the end.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Mobile Notary Service

Although mobile notaries are the need of this hour, choosing the right notary service can be critical. Therefore, you must consider certain factors before choosing a mobile notary

A good mobile notary upholds professionalism and clearly understands the value of having effective communication with his/her clients. Check out the following points to know the major factors you need to remember before choosing the right one. 

#1 Service To Your Doorstep:

Greater convenience and service at the doorstep have become a new normal for most businesses around the world. That is why before choosing a mobile notary it is important to evaluate the convenience status of his/her service. You must need to take the service from a notary professional who values your time and business. It is important to choose the right notary service that will come to your place on your time. 

#2 Professional Qualifications & Expertise:

You must take factors like professional credentials, experience, academic qualifications, and tech-savvy expertise into account before choosing a mobile notary. The notary professional must pass the state-administered examination to become a notary. In addition, he/she also needs to complete his/her training from a state-approved vendor. You should check out the professional qualification certificates and other training documents before hiring.

Most importantly, a mobile notary should have the latest technological knowledge and skills to use a notary tool. The best mobile notary services use top-notch notary software and invoicing app to automate their workflow. So do not forget to ask your hired mobile notary about the notary tool he/she uses. If a mobile notary is registered on a notary tool, it means that he/she is more efficient in managing your work.

#3 Check The Online Reputation Of Mobile Notaries:

If you are the owner of a signing company, you must have searched for reliable and experienced mobile notaries for your clients. However, to find certified and verified notary professionals, you should depend on the notary tools like Closewise. By using this tool, you will be able to check the certificates and professional credentials of the mobile notary you are hiring.

How Can CloseWise Help Signing Service Companies Hiring Best Notaries?

CloseWise is a notary database and scheduling software that only list certified and qualified notaries on its platform. Signing services can use Closewise to track the best mobile notaries for signing jobs. Getting a hold of notary software could be a decisive factor, not just for finding the right mobile notary services but also for automating your signing business.

What Else CloseWise Has To Offer To Signing Companies?

CloseWise software is not only for notaries, but signing companies can use it too to simplify their signing/closing business. Besides hiring notaries, signing services can use our platform for:

  • Auto Offer Bidding System for Hiring Signing Agents
  • Scheduling Signing Orders
  • Accounting Features Which Includes Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Profit & Loss Reports
  • Tracking Signing Order Status, Receipt, P&L summaries Reports
  • Fast Payment Processing

So, if you are a signing service company, then it's worth giving a shot to CloseWise, an online platform for notaries and signing services. Our software will help you to automate your workflow and will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors. SignUp as a Signing Company today!

#4 Fees Of the Notary Public:

You can always request a quote from the mobile notary you have decided to hire. If your hired notary uses Closewise notary software, he/she will be able to send you online quotations in no time. Notary tools like Closewise have the best payment gateway and payment processing mechanism. So You will be able to pay fast and receive invoices instantly. 

Along with the fees of the mobile notary, you should also check the payment modes offered by the mobile notary. You must choose a mobile notary whose fees are reasonable and use the notary tool equipped with an efficient payment gateway.

#5 Communication:

You should always be hiring a mobile notary service, whom you can easily reach by phone or email. A good mobile notary will always value the significance of communication with his/her clients. 

The right notary services will also always be available to its clients all the time. Therefore, before choosing a mobile notary, try to know more about his/her reputation, punctuality, and service quality. 

#6 Membership In An Association:

While hiring a mobile notary service, you must also consider his/her membership in a professional association. Membership in an association implies that the notary has the necessary professional recognition from a reputed fraternity.

Becoming a member of such an association requires special training, qualification, and a detailed background check. Therefore, it will be easy for you to put your faith in them.

Advantages Of Hiring A Mobile Notary

Choosing a mobile notary can provide you with multiple benefits. Check out the benefits mentioned below:

  • Cost-Efficient: One of the significant advantages of choosing the best mobile notary service is that the cost of hiring a mobile notary is very reasonable. Their fees mostly depend on the respective state laws where you want to commence the deal. Choosing the right notary service can help you manage your budget efficiently. 
  • Time-Saving: Time is precious and if a business person has to wait for long hours in the notary public’s office, it may have negative impacts on his/her business. Choosing a mobile notary can help you save a lot of time and use them elsewhere to expand your business. Reputed mobile notaries use top-notch notary software that significantly reduces their document signing workflow.
  • No-Location Limitations: Another important advantage of choosing the best mobile notary service is that professional notaries are always ready to travel to any location to perform their duties at the scheduled time. Furthermore, they use top-notch notary tools to pinpoint your location and reach the destination on time.
  • Greater Flexibility & Efficient Transactions: Choosing a mobile notary allows all the parties to a deal to avoid being present during the signing process. Mobile notaries sometimes provide their clients with notary services after official/business hours. They can deliver their services on an urgent basis while delivering greater flexibility and payment options. Nowadays, most mobile notaries are registered on a notary tool which helps them keep track of your documents, works, and transaction date. Mobile notaries have access to the best tools and can provide you with timely reminders if required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

A mobile notary is a notary public who travels to his/her clients in person and performs on-site notarization. A mobile notary can perform his duties at a specified time and location at your convenience. Just like a notary public’s office, the mobile notaries can perform a wide range of functions including authenticating the document, verifying signatures, putting stamps and signing, etc. They can discharge their duties at any location including homes, private spaces, coffee shops, nursing homes, etc. 

Of course, you can. If you are not willing to travel to the local notary office, you can hire a mobile notary service to notarize the document. 

No, not at all. On the contrary, if you can see the larger perspective, hiring mobile notary services can be cost-effective for you. Of course, hiring a mobile notary service may include additional traveling fees but that cost is minimum. Moreover, by avoiding visiting the office of the notary public you will be able to save a lot of money and valuable time. By hiring a notary professional at your doorstep, you will be able to save more.

A mobile notary can help you notarize a wide variety of real estate, planning, and official documents. Check out the documents mentioned below:

  • Real Estate Documents: Papers for loans, sales deeds, transaction documents, and many more
  • Planning Documents: Birth certificates, consent papers, trust documents, agreements, etc. 
  • Official Documents: Exam papers, hospital records, auto loan documents, oaths, etc. 



In this modern era, mobile notaries can play a critical role in expediting the document notarization process, thus helping business organizations to close any business dealings or transactions faster. So, in order to maximize the use of potential business hours, each organization must hire mobile notary services.