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How Implementing Automation Can Help Notaries/Signing Companies Win More Business?

Notaries and signing companies are facing many challenges in this competitive world. The signing industry has become more complex, as there are more parties for each transaction. Property analysts and legal experts have agreed that loan signing companies need effective … Read More

How To Prepare For First Loan Signing [9 Best Tips]

The job of a notary signing agent is an exciting and rewarding profession. A lot of professionals stay involved in a real estate closing. However, the borrowers only remember the face of the notary signing agent. In a real estate … Read More

How To Market Your Notary Signing Agent Business [9 Best Tips]

The notary signing business is considered one of the most attractive and noble professions. The profession is not only rewarding but also has social affluence across the communities. However, to achieve the desired success as a notary public or signing … Read More

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Notary Service

Notarization of vital business documents and legal papers is critical for every individual and business. Today, we are living in a fast world and mobile notaries are the need of this hour. Not everyone has the time to visit a … Read More

8 Most Common Notary Signing Agent Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to notarizing a loan document, many things can go wrong. It takes only one notary signing agent mistake to invalidate the notarization and cause issues later on. Recognizing potential notary signing agent mistakes before they happen is … Read More

Why Do You Need A Mobile Notary Public [Explained]

If you’ve ever had official documents that you had to get notarized at any cost, you already understand how challenging that process can be. But what if a notary representative travels to your location? Yes, a mobile notary or often … Read More

9 Sure Fire Ways To Find More Customers For Your Notary Business

A notary is an independent individual who swears to uphold the lawful oaths of a specific state or jurisdiction.  Notaries operate under laws that vary from state to state.  Notaries are self-employed individuals who must run their own business to … Read More

How to Build a Successful Notary Business [7 Best Tips]

Knowing how to build a successful notary business can lead to a fascinating and financially rewarding career. Notaries are professionals who verify the accuracy of documents, including contracts, wills, loan agreements, and other personal or business legal documents.  Because notaries … Read More

What Is Closewise & How Can It Help Grow Notary Signing Agent Business?

About CloseWise CloseWise is a platform for both notary agents and signing services. Our unique platform helps you grow your notary signing agent business. Closewise allows everyone involved in closing to interact and finalize the closing. Our platform has two main verticals: … Read More

How Can CloseWise Help You Scale Operations in Signing Business?

Completing lending transactions always requires a third party – someone to witness the signing of the documents and make them legally valid. And we believe that it’s for this simple purpose that signing businesses or signing agents as yours exist. Before we get carried … Read More