How To Prepare For First Loan Signing [9 Best Tips]

The job of a notary signing agent is an exciting and rewarding profession. A lot of professionals stay involved in a real estate closing. However, the borrowers only remember the face of the notary signing agent. In a real estate transaction, the importance of a notary signing agent is paramount.

As a notary signing agent, you are expected to deliver the best service caliber in conducting the closing. This blog will help you find the best ways to prepare for the first loan signing. It will tell you how to make your documents 100% error-free and the appropriate steps you should follow. So keep reading till the end. 

The Best Ways To Prepare For First Loan Signing?

As a notary agent, your first signing aims to ensure a quick and successful closing. In this digital world, you should take help from technological innovations to get yourself prepared for the first loan signing. Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for that big day. 

#1 Choose Your Signing Appointment With Caution

It’s important to choose your first signing order carefully. Check out the clients’ profiles again and again before confirming your appointment. If possible, you should also get an idea about the documents that need to be signed and validated. Make sure of the fact that the loan document package is complete. Understand the nature of the transaction and give your confirmation only after complete satisfaction. 

#2 Confidently Confirm The Appointment Details Of Your 1st Assignment

As a signing agent, it’s important to stay updated about the time, location, and date of your 1st signing order. You would certainly like to impress your clients with your punctuality and sincerity. That is where the Closewise notary software application can help you out. It can keep you updated and informed about all dates and details of your signing order. You can track and check all the details of your first notary signing agent assignment with Closewise. Closewise mobile notary software will allow you to take a birds-eye view of your 1st signing order. 

#3 Get Yourself Closely Acquainted With The Closing Documents

Even if you are a certified notary agent, you will need time to become familiar with all notary signing documents. Most importantly, to prepare for the first loan signing, you must manage your documents smoothly. There are a wide array of closing documents that you should know before prep for a successful signing.

The critical signing documents include a deed of trust, promissory notes, etc. In addition, there are some additional documents as well which need to be notarized. These documents include final closing disclosure, settlement disclosure, title document, mortgage servicing disclosure agreement, and many more. 

#4 Read All Special Instructions Carefully

After receiving your first notary signing agent assignment, you should carefully check the additional instructions either in a separate attachment or mail body. A closing transaction involves multiple parties, including lenders, settlement agents, insurance underwriters, etc. These parties may issue specific guidelines or instructions for the notary signing agent regarding the internal processes and needs. As a signing agent, you must read all special instructions issued by these parties and act accordingly. 

#5 Do Not Forget To Review All Documents Before Printing

Before attending your first notary signing assignment, you must review all the sensitive documents related to the transaction. Closing documents generally contain sensitive information, non-public confidential information, and NPPI.

As a loan signing agent, it is your job to protect this information at any cost and prevent them from any unauthorized disclosure. You can deliver these documents using secured email, password-protected doc link, image, PDF, etc. you must carefully review them to check for any errors and then print them at your convenience. 

#6 Call & Confirm The Lender To Notify

Any signing agent needs to pay attention to detail than just only prepare for the first loan signing. You should call and confirm the information obtained from the contracting company and share it with the borrower. After wrapping up the signing appointment, you must notify the borrower that the assignment is complete.

The call and confirm feature of Closewise notary software smart dashboard can help you with this. You can call the lender at any moment at your fingertips. The smart dashboard of Closewise can provide you with clickable contact information and all appointment details. If you so wish, you can also update the latest information manually. 

#7 Manage Your Signing Documents Efficiently & Save time

Even if you are a certified notary agent, you will need time to become familiar with all notary signing documents. Most importantly, to prepare for the first loan signing, you must manage your documents smoothly. You must rely on an effective signing management system like Closewise to make your document signing workflow efficient.

Closewise can help you out by providing you with an effective document signing workflow mechanism. In addition, by using this notary software, you can upload any document within a few minutes. The confirmation upload technology of Closewise can help you easily enter your order details. It will streamline your document signing process and help you prep for a successful signing.

#8 Travel For Your Signing Order

A mobile notary has to visit the clients’ place to carry out notarial services. So if you are a mobile notary signing agent, use the Closewise app for your first notary signing assignment. It is an effective notary tool for mobile notaries and helps them track their traveling distance. The reporting feature of this software is equipped with a state-of-the-art mileage log system. The mileage tracking system will automatically calculate the round trip distance of all your entered appointments.

Moreover, the technology is synched with Google Maps and helps you navigate the appointment location. With the help of mileage tracking and a fresher mobile notary, you can easily estimate your traveling expenses and distances. You can use the expenses to get a write-off for your tax filing.

#9 Wrap Up The Loan Signing

At last, you have to wrap up the final formalities of loan signing. The signing agents should dress professionally on that special day. In addition, they must also provide their clients with a courteous experience through their services.

As an agent, you must greet the borrower and all other stakeholders while conducting a short introductory speech. Verifying the borrower’s identity is crucial before preparing for the journal entry. You must follow the prescribed notary signing code to complete all notarial acts. Finally, present the closing documents and disclosure by following all the guidelines. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this blog has helped you get useful tips for your first loan signing. After completing your first signing, you will certainly feel more confident and relieved. However, it’s important to remember that technology and tools can make your job easy.

So, you should start using them from the start of your career. It’s important to get the best training to make yourself eligible. Sophisticated notary tools like Closewise can help you kickstart your notary career. And help you manage your document signing business with ease.